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Sunday, 2019 , January the 13th

Sometimes I am just so obsessed with so many thoughts. Sometimes I simply become excited the way, I can’t keep my mind focused anymore. Today is one of those days. I cannot keep my mind focused. The Question arises here is, if someone who whish to establish a brand, to start a million dollar business, to win the number one place in global contests, or to become renowned for next population shall keep his mind focused on several parallel ideas or only one? Hours of talks, Many discussions and meetings and so many online forums have been devoted to this topic. However, finding the final answer depends on the main strategy you are mostly pleased to follow. The important point here, is that you will achieve to all your desires once you pass your most dreaded challenges. Asking people who passed this routes years before our generation be born, you will find them mostly hard-working and determined. Their key of success was not the number of goals they wanted to achieve but the sequence of them. The more one is intending to achieve the longer path shall he or she pass. The longer the path become, the fewer people will continue. Having only one google search will take you to more than one thousands results on this topic. Some of which are older than eighty years old papers and some are only few days old personal web-log posts. Having only one idea in mind also keeps an individual away from producing innovative solutions. Moreover, I strongly believe one who wish to achieve anything in his/her life should obtain a plan at the very first stage. Therefore, a successful mindset is what will bring joy and success to you. Darren Hardy says, “Success is like butterfly, it ran away from hunter but joyfully lands on whom who attract it.” I want to keep this writing abstract as much as possible and tired of typing right now. Therefore