What I learned from dogs society

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I grew up in a city. Not much developed. In fact, comparing to places that are named City in Japan, Germany or U.S., the place I spent %75 of my life is barely called a village. Regardless of what infrastructures my hometown has, the noise, air emissions and industrial pollutions were at their utmost level; keeping wild and domesticated animals away from our… society . Unfortunately, in my culture, which is mostly influenced by Islamic teachings for last 1200 years, Dogs can’t be allowed in our homes, or buildings. Cats allowed by the way 😅 I am spending my service duty in an industrial region, known as “Asalouyeh”, located at the South Pars, Iran. This place “Asalouyeh”, is filled by dogs! They are everywhere. You can simply stop your car in your way back to company rest camp, and pick up a little puppy, 365 days a year and 24 hours per day.

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