Secrets of Wearing White

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Have you ever been in a negotiation? Have ever tried to convince someone who is hierarchically in a higher level than you, to do something you needed/wanted/advised? Have you ever went through employment process? Encountering interviewers? Tried you ever to claim your qualification? To won a position only by presenting yourself?

Most of the time, i don't care about my appearance. I have more important thoughts to take care of. I have to code. To study. To develop models. I'm busy doing amazing stuff. Spending time at my Laptop console. Spending time in magical world of internet. But, this can't achieve me to all my wants. We are humans. We are unlimited when it comes to mention our desires. Sometimes you only need to go out of your office and do the negotiation. To participate in an speech. To won the upper side in a meeting. Sometimes you are supposed to dress formally at your piano, even if you are the best pianist in the world. People come to hear the piano but they also see you and they judge you.

In these situations, I wear white. A white shining shirt. It glows, like my mind. I shave my beard or trim it and make it tidy. At most of the times I pay a local shoemaker to make my Leather shoes shine. (such services are cheap cheap cheap in Iran.)

I wear my onyx ring and my Oakley glasses. I don't know what exactly am i supposed to call this behavior? One day, I came to conclusion this is better to be named "The Art of Boss Satisfaction." Not sexually of course (LOL), but mentally. This Boss, although, has not necessarily be the person who is in charge in your workplace. Your wife's father for instance. Your teacher. Your college professor. Your company's' stakeholders. This boss can be anyone, a group of interviews sitting before you, watching any word you say and demanding you to be wise like Einstein and fast like Google. And… sometimes, this boss is you.

It's you when you are in a crowded place. It's you when you are sad, depressed or dimmed. I think, this fairly can be called my first blog post in English. Nothing more to say. Bye.

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