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So, how does it feel to be a government employee? I think, it is something like selling your soul to satan. Yeah! Exactly. Not very bad! What else it can be? You are signing a contract with a governmental organization to sell a specific amount of your day to them on a daily basis for 30 years. That's more than whole lifetime of %8 of earth human population. And yes, no money is enough for your life, so, you are selling your soul with tons of millions of lossage.

But, what an employee day would looks like in I? I am sorry for foreign contractors who aimed for I market because unless if you are Spanish or Italian, you are going to suffer a lot!

Iranians need to sleep in evenings. They simply consider that among their basic needs. Moreover, they don't accept the consequences of their decisions and their actions. Even those of them whom are being paid for making those decisions don't accept their deeds' consequences. How would be the status of a society that anybody wants the power but nobody accepts the responsibilities? This is literally, exactly, the way, Iran is being governed.

The culture here says, you are not supposed to work hard. In other words the society thinks hard work is animals jobs. Nowadays, instagram is playing a role, kinda, lifestyle changing in our country. Making people all wanting a californian lifestyle. They envy all western people and luxury products. But nobody accepts this fortune and prosperity only pays off by hard work.

Our predecessors, for (at least) last 50 decades, (500 years) thought that prayer will do the job! That's why we have more employed Mollahs than workers. Our culture vastly got damaged by our neighbors attacks. Arabs, Mongol, Crusaders in last 1000 years stole or fired our cultural inventory. They enslaved our people and put their puppet governors on us. They burned or stole our precious books.

Maybe, one day i complete this post. But i am truly busy and tired now.

Bye readers!

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